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datdot code is currently located in pallets/datdot.

the template node uses instant-seal consensus, and a minimal runtime.


to build the datdot dev runtime, run:

cargo build -p datdot-runtime

to build the test node, run:

cargo build -p datdot-node

add the --release flag to either of those commands to create a release build - debug and release builds will be located in ./target/release or ./target/debug respectively.

Custom Types

You can aggregate the custom types of any pallets in datdot-node/pallets by running: node datdot-node/runtime/aggregate_types.js This will produce a types.json file.

Performing this requires each pallet defined in aggregate_types.js have their own types.json file premade.


currently, executing ./target/release/datdot-node --dev (or ./target/debug/datdot-node --dev if you didn’t use a --release flag) runs a dev node. You can interact with this node by using the Polkadot.js Apps UI - selecting “local node” as your endpoint in the settings page should connect you to your node; however, until you specify the additional types in the developer tab, all functionality of the Apps UI will remain disabled.

Optionally, additionally running with --execution Native (case sensitive) will allow you to see more verbose logging from parts of the runtime using native::info!(...) calls.

NOTE: due to the nature of the instantseal consensus used in this node implementation, there is no concept of finality.

    Datdot is built using Substrate - Original Readme:

Substrate · GitHub license GitLab Status PRs Welcome

Substrate is a next-generation framework for blockchain innovation.

Trying it out

Simply go to substrate.dev and follow the getting started instructions.

Contributions & Code of Conduct

Please follow the contributions guidelines as outlined in docs/CONTRIBUTING.adoc. In all communications and contributions, this project follows the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.


The security policy and procedures can be found in docs/SECURITY.md.


Substrate is GPL 3.0 licensed.